Burnt Out Bulbs Paint By Letters Cheats

Posted On March 14, 2009

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Burnt Out Bulbs Paint By Letters Cheats

Burnt Out Bulbs

I give this whole credit to happypippi. I tell you go to his website at http://www.happypippi.wordpress.com .

The first coin is found by pushing the hockey puck to the left.


The second coin is found by putting your mouse in the top left corner of the picture.


The third coin is found by lifting up the lid of the piano.


The fourth coin is found by pulling the levers below the cuckoo clock.


The fifth coin is found by moving all the floor boards aside, this one can be quite tricky.


The sixth coin can be found by opening the fire place, getting one of the torches off the wall, lighting the fire and closing the door.


The sevent coin can be found by spinning the red puffle thing on the right.


made possible by: Wonderchef11 Visit her site at http://comicgal1234568910.webs.com/


3 Responses to “Burnt Out Bulbs Paint By Letters Cheats”

  1. watcat

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. wonker

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  3. matt

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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