Lime Green Dojo Clean Type By Letters Cheats

Posted On March 14, 2009

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I give this whole credit to happypippi. I tell you go to his website at . This whole post was made by him. The paint by letters books can be found in the Book Room which is upstairs from the Coffee Shop. Click the book at the bottom of your screen to view the book shelf then choose one of the three Paint by Letters books.

The books you can choose from are My Puffle, Lime Green Dojo Clean and Burnt Out Bulbs. My Puffle is a much easier one and a very quick way to get 250 coins.

After you have typed the words for a whole page and are finished that page, there will be a hidden coin in the picture. Find this coin and then turn the page. I am going to show you where all the hidden coins can be found.

Also, the book is not case sensitive, so if a word has a capital you don’t have to type the capital letter and it will still work. You don’t need to type spaces either.

Lime Green Dojo Clean

The first hidden coin can be found by throwing the mop up in the air, then wiping the windows until a coin appears


The second coin can be found by lifting the can of paint


The third hidden coin can be found by grabbing the  green blob at the top of the page and moving it around your screen until it disappears


The fourth hidden coin can be found by hitting the penguin on the floor until he crack a hole in the ceiling


The fifth hidden coin can be found by clicking the sections of wall and the door, in the same order that they flashed


The sixth hidden coin can be found by moving the can of pain to the rightpage-six1

The seventh hidden coin can be found by dragging the lightbulb down, and then through a series of mazes to the next lightbulb.


The eighth hidden coin can be found by throwing all the capes out of the box, putting the socks on the penguin’s flippers and throwing the cape on the floor


If you complete the book and collect all the hidden coins you will get 800 coins for playing.

This was made by: Wonderchef11 visit her site at:


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