Mission #10 is out to do!!!!

Posted On December 29, 2008

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To do mission #10 head to the HQ and and select the new mission. Then report to the HQ where youll see rookie and jet pack guy talking with G. You talk to G and then he tells you that they found the golden puffle. But the Herbert interfeers and rookie spoils it. Then G explains that it was just a trap(once Herbert left). Then when Rookie and Jet pack guy leave you can grab a solar panel from the box next to g and go to the gift shop and give it to Rookie. Then he will tell you to install it.What you doid that th lines cant cross. Once you finished it will work then go to the beach and enter  the light house. And grab cream soda near the boat. Then give it to jet pack guy. He will tell you to have 5 in one galss. 8 in another and 2. Once you do that waht you do is that he will spot Herbert at the dock but its the crab with a cardboard Herbert.You go to the night club and you find herbert there trying to get the golden puffle. you have to get some rope at the dock ask the penguin there for rope. Once you have some rope put it on the lever and then the cage will get Herbert.but he is strong enough to get out of it so rookie will come in with the magnet grabbing the golden puffle. then grab the jet packform jet pack guy and click on the cage and Herbert will be stuck. Then G will tell us the options we could do with him but he says that he needs to make a phone call so rookie gives him the phone and herbert teleports some where else.  But he does drop some seeds. And then if you have time go to the gift shop and help out the manager. Youwill get the medal and a gift.




One Response to “Mission #10 is out to do!!!!”

  1. Gwendolyn

    Hopefully this helped evryone solve the new mission that came out december 29.

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