How to become a ninja!!!!

Posted On December 29, 2008

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All you have to do is battle sensei and let him win(of coursehes going to win) about 5-7 times ina row and then after that you will beat him and become a ninja. But if it doesnt work you have to sit still in the dojo for 30 minutes without moving( just kidding)hahahahahahaha!!!!


WELL GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 Responses to “How to become a ninja!!!!”

  1. fanocp

    cool site!

  2. vinathi

    how do you beat him?

    • gwendylu

      Well you play with him about 7 times in a row and he will start to loose.

  3. R2DP/CPfanatic

    Hello. This is R2dpenguin66 and I was wondering if you would like to exchange blogroll links. My site is and it has over 170,000 hits. Just comment if you are interested in exchanging links

  4. golf601

    mines cool too

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