Posted On December 24, 2008

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There is a new message in the HQ it says, Be ready agents. Which means that there is going to be a new mission coming soon.


One Response to “HQ”

  1. cpbunny

    Hi I love your site.
    I can all ways get tons of cp info. Do you wanna get more hits I can help we have to pages that can get you tons of hits here is the links

    1. the frist is a page called put your site here you can put your link on a commet and put a bit about your blog then you will get tons hits and for free http://cpbunny.wordpress.com/put-your-site-here/

    2.Clubpenguin newz post a short story about cp on this page and your blog link and your penguin name. Then I will put your story on that page and and I will put your story on the front page of my blog. That will get you alot of hits. http://cpbunny.wordpress.com/penguin-newz/#comment-2228

    I hope you can come.

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