Christmas Decorations

Posted On December 23, 2008

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Everything in clubpenguin is christmasy. The Iceberg has a branch of a tree that when you click on it about 3 or 4 times it turns into a pretty tree. At the snow forts there is a free santa hat and a sleigh. The ice rink is decorated but, the game did not change this year, its still ice hockey(its just an opinion). The mine is now a ginger bread house, and even the carts but not in the game. The plaza is really pretty ans so good decorated. The pizza place has a big kind of bluish Christmas tree, but its humomgous. And instead of there being pizza in the oven)on the bottom left corner) there are gingerbread cookies. The play is as usual. The pet shop is as usual. The town is very decorated it has 4 Christmas trees 2 are green and the other2 are snow ones. The gift shop did not decorate. The night club ithink is the best. If you go to the upstairs workshop. you can be an elf who makes presents. I didnt like the dock this year it says ice kating but if you already have an ice rink why???? well its just my opinion. At the ski village there is a huge snowman. also there is free santa beards. The sports shop is as usual and is not decorated. The ski lodge is decorated with a Christmas tree and a wreath. The lodge is not decorated. The present pin is located at the ski lodge chimmeney. At the mountain its even snowing. The dojo is light full. There are millions of lights on the outside. Inside not too much but its still decorated with snowflakes. At the cove there is a stage and a sun maker3000. At the forest you can take a picture with Santa.


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  1. jamesyohanes

    good posting

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