New Feautures for Clubpenguin

Posted On July 17, 2008

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  1. New Servers- Now the servers are in alphabetical and you can’t choose which country to go on. also there is this part where only 5 servers show up they are your suggested servers the ones that you go most on or the one where your buddy is on. also the smileys that showed you how many penguins where on that server they changed them to green squares.
  2. Penguin Mail-  now you can delete, save send postcards. Also there is a free item when you start using penguin mail they will send you a postcard to start there is a free item on that postcard click on the bag that the yellow penguin is holding.
  3. Player card- In your player card they are now organized by color or where you put them, on what they are.
  4. Igloo- also when you go to your igloo there is no white back round they changed to a forest back round.
  5. Member igloos- on the map when you click on the igloo to see the members igloo well then another map  pops up with igloos and click on one then you’re at that igloo.
  6. Spy phone- if you are not an agent this feature doesn’t concern you. The spy phone is now located at your left not right.
  7. Green Puffle- the green puffle is no longer at the dance club it is now at the ice rink playing with the hockey puck which now doesn’t let penguins play with it but the CP said that it is temporary.
  8. Puffle mail- it looks like your puffle can send you mail to when its hungry and stuff like that

Finding a buddy- when you want to find a buddy usually you would click on the smiley but now they changed it to a question mark

These are the features that the CP did to clubpenguin.


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