Nintendo DS Game of Clubpenguin is out!!!!

Posted On July 15, 2008

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If you have a Nintendo DS then you can play clubpenguin on there you can even load the coins you make in the game to the website, it’s like going on clubpenguin but without a computer!!!!


19 Responses to “Nintendo DS Game of Clubpenguin is out!!!!”

  1. laura

    wow when is it out ?
    can u be a member on the game so u can buy clothes

    • gwendylu

      Well said that it would come out all over the world, so yeah. It will come out in Game stop, Best buy or any place that sells video games and Nintendo DS games.

  2. gwendylu

    It is coming out this time in the summer. also you can be a member to buy clothes and it has a new game.

  3. dude356

    what summer 2008?

  4. gwendylu

    well they changed it it is going to come near Christmas. Although I have no clue why.

  5. Rosaa.

    Im gonna buy it

  6. yasmine

    where can i get the clubpenguin ds game from can i get it in australia

  7. yasmine

    bye bye people

  8. ninjaction

    What is a d.s???

  9. ninjaction


  10. 12345bell

    can you buy it in australia?? and if u can where???


  11. SnowymagicCp

    hey everyone
    the clubpenguin ds game is coming to australia next month i checked with clubpenguin and everyone its next month marah 2009 the ds game comes in stores in australia and uk and it should be a good game i heard…..
    hope that helped and answered ur asking

  12. SnowymagicCp

    heres some info about the clubpenguin ds game…….
    this ds game has 13 misson and u can give that penguin clothes and things but this is just for the penguin on your ds not online and u can give coins to your penguin online from your ds some how
    and fun games on it too and this ds game will give u a code but not for the treasure book this is another cool code that will let u go into the secret room at HQ for agents the code will give u i think 1500 coins with a agent phone and this thing that will let u into the secret room….

  13. SnowymagicCp

    ya the clubpenguin ds game is coming out all over the world australia and uk is next to get it in marah 2009 this year O o O o cant wait

  14. Hannah

    i want it now what is the date it is coming out in australia Tell me!!!!!!!!!!

    • gwendylu

      It is coming out in the middle of march. But nobody knows exactly when. But don’t worry it will come out soon.

  15. SnowymagicCp

    everyone the clubpenguin ds game is coming out in April 14th
    if u want to check your self go to this website and search clubpenguin ok

  16. SnowymagicCp

    make such when u search
    make such u write club penguin if u search clubpenguin it will not show up put it in 2 words ok latez

  17. Matuner

    Can you buy the game in Austalia and in Melbourne?
    I can’t wait to get the game on my DS.
    I will play it nealy all the time.
    is it like on the coputer where you can meet freinds?
    from Matuner

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