New Author

Posted On July 7, 2008

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Hi I am labydog I am the new author on this site please take a look at mine here is my banner.
Please Click Here


3 Responses to “New Author”

  1. nintendogsfanclub

    hey cool site do you play nintendogs or wanna play nintendogs well i have a fan club all about it if you join the fanclub you get to be on the member page if you wannna join go to this link i hope you can join ds101

  2. nintendogsfanclub

    thank you for joining you and you puppys name is now on hear is the link to cheak it out
    i hope you have fun being a member

  3. penguinrichgrl21

    you blog is awesomeee !!!!!!!!!!
    =] mine is new, check it out maybe sometime if you have time (anybody) and tell me what you think<3

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